Thursday, 31 March 2011

♫ I love candy

Got all this for fafa's 12th birthday (18.03)~ from Cybercandy . A candy store selling all different kinds of candy from around the world! Obv brought half of the Japan collection & even went back the day after to get more (I live in town so it was only a 10min walk but I forgot to take a photo of it...the sweets were bigger and yummier) Spent £25 in Cybercandy and £10 at Tesco, all on sweets, oh dear.
Japanese candy packaging is so cute! Some of the gum I brought tasted awful, how I would imagine cement would taste like!

The Giant Kinder Egg, Haribo Gold Bears and Hello Kitty Easter Egg were from Tesco~

This lollipop was yummy - apple & blackcurrent.
Expected it to be Stitch shape though~~
Micky Mouse tattoo which I got with my Mickey Mouse ice cream cake ^o^

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