Wednesday, 6 July 2011

10 hour road trip to Nha Trang

One of Ken's DJ school teachers/friend was driving his friend, Hao back to her hometown all the way in Nha Trang. He asked if me and ken wanted to go to the beautiful beach city for the weekend.
It was only a 45minute journey on the plane but Minh suggested that driving is fun and that he drove there many times before. I don't know how he does it, pretty amazing because I simply get sleepy from eating or shopping for a few hours, nevermind driving x_X (Hence why I'm a juju heh).

Some photos of the insanely long car journey from 2pm - 12am 
Minh's Cow 'bam bam' club with a metal pole inside. Such a strange thing made by Sanrio.

00:16...............No more photos, stop to eat some Pho for 35p a bowl and then checked straight into Hao's parents' Hotel and (= o =)zzzZZ


  1. omgggg I get butt cramps from these journeys!!! Never again!!!! i think i was on the road for like 12 hours or more cos of traffic... fml.... i just wanted to die....

  2. Hello Jenny,

    Thanks fore reply. Myth is a popular colour too.

    o I like the picture quality of the photos you take.

    right now for my blog i'm just using a digital camera Canon Ixus 75.

    teehee btw I heard about you through Timmy, we're cousins with Ken voong. I believe your his cousin through his dad side. lol

  3. lol jen, no butt cramping for me...just thought it was unnecessary because the plane journey is 45mins!

    Thanks, I love my Olympus, carry it everywhere.
    Oo, the quality is not bad for a digi cam.

    oh hahaa, yeh I'm from his dad side. That makes us second cousins?? Why I haven't seen you before at weddings or family dos is a bit strange :P

  4. road trip and food = Sleep. I've done that many times before! lol When I went to Nha trang, we had to take the train there and it took us a day! We had a lil cabin and there were mini bunk bed, not good!! :P

  5. lol. WOW. how much is train? We could have got plane which takes 1hr 45, I think it's only 1.5mil?? But friend insisted that driving would be fun. haha.
    Awww that is cute! haha


With love,