Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Seeing a rainbow makes me happy.

...wah 3 rainbows...
I took this photo on my iPhone last year when taking my puppy Hachi to the vet, which is just behind the McDonald's in the photo. Bf's mum, drove around the corner and a third rainbow emerged along with our gasps of excitement as she tried to drive further away so I could capture it. But the pooey iPhone (3G) camera couldn't pick it up : ( 
I haven't baked since October because of all the stressful uni work I had but now I'm in the middle of my FMP, I guess I can take it at my own pace even though I know I should feel like I'm under a lot of pressure. As bad as this sounds, I see every February as my lazy month of pure celebration; Chinese New Year, Valentines Day and my birthday hehe. Now, I'm near the end of my awful week long cold (missing out all these CNY parties) & decided to bake. I got these cute coloured 'Kageforme baking cups' from my cousins Liz, Lou & Mich 
Heard this quote from my boyfriend 8-)
 Quote made using AK jelly font.

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