Sunday, 19 October 2014

Columbia Road Flower Market


Au Naturel face and bedhead kinda day.
Thanks Chris Wahlers for letting me wear your amazing green Levi's jumper that just goes with absolutely every random possible co-ordinate.

Pink Pineapple Flowers 3 for £10 I wonder if they are edible...
These mini fluffy cactuses are so cute! Perfect for my terrarium.

Money trees and blooming cactuses. So I went a bit cray and bought about 10 cactuses...sadly I lost one little guy with a red flower on the journey home from London to Nottingham. Hope he finds a home :)

Purple rose cabbage flower? What is this?? How do you eat?

Kale flowers - great in salads!

This strange alien flower creeps me out.

Love these exotic looking flowers. Especially the yellow ones which I shall call pom pom flowers.

Me and my friend Jenny Spotted the most ugliest flower ever. Someone please tell me what this is.

The flower with the longest stem ever.

Looking possessed here. 

"Shoplifters Welcome!" How fitting that an old lady who looks like she just stole a trolley load of goods walks by.

Shoreditch - full of walls of art.

Thanks to Jenny Duong for treating me to this lovely lunch at Albion Hotel and taking me to the flower market.

P.S largest scone ever was delicious and so was the flapjack and detox juice and fish and chips.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

JUKUNAILS at ITVBe launch Party

Umbrella smokers' shelter with fairy lights.

Aztec print wool knit - ZARA 
Turtleneck black vest - ASOS
Black jeans - ASOS
Mid heel sandals - NEW LOOK 

Pretty smokers corner - captured before the sun set and before the guests arrived.

JUKUNAILS - Thin, easy to apply nail wraps made from 100% nail polish.
Highly recommended and all who have tried will vouch for them.
They are unlike any other wraps available on the market which are thick and lengthy application process - (trust me as I have tried and tested many and am not a fan as they have an unnatural finish).
Will write another detailed post about them.

Available at ASOS Marketplace view the range here

OPI polish range with bespoke made to order ITVbe x JUKUNAILS nail wraps.

Hunk in a vending machine
(Couldn't get a photo from from the night of event but found this photo credit to Nola Marianna )

Pretty ITVbe launch party set

@DietCokeGB #ITVBe

One of the ITVBe nails wraps applied by me.
It's a transparent base so you can apply any base colour polish you like for different colour waves.
This lady already had the one black nail which looks pretty with the pink anchor 'Joy' design. 

Gold chocolate cake. Was rich.

I painted this guys nails pink. He said it was his first time.

Jenny (Anh) and her cushions haha.

Thank you +ITVBe and @boomf for the printed marshmallows.
Printed my baby niece Poppy on them.
They are too cute to eat but just so perf with a hot chocolate and dark chocolate Lindt. 

Back stage sneaking at ITV studios.

ITVBe red carpet - before the event started and before Peter Andre walked by and waved and  smiled and winked at me!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sweat it out.

Ring - Collard Manson, Nottingham

Crop top - Miss Selfridge
Hoody - ZARA TRF
High waist leggings - Forever21
Platform wedge shoes - New Look
The best quality leggings that I came across are the Forever21 leggings. They are thicker than usual and double the thickness of H&M basic leggings which I feel is so thick that it's acceptable to wear without any coverage on the buttocks. 

Special thanks to Lammy for the photos. Favourite shoot to date.