Thursday, 31 March 2011

♫ I love candy

Got all this for fafa's 12th birthday (18.03)~ from Cybercandy . A candy store selling all different kinds of candy from around the world! Obv brought half of the Japan collection & even went back the day after to get more (I live in town so it was only a 10min walk but I forgot to take a photo of it...the sweets were bigger and yummier) Spent £25 in Cybercandy and £10 at Tesco, all on sweets, oh dear.
Japanese candy packaging is so cute! Some of the gum I brought tasted awful, how I would imagine cement would taste like!

The Giant Kinder Egg, Haribo Gold Bears and Hello Kitty Easter Egg were from Tesco~

This lollipop was yummy - apple & blackcurrent.
Expected it to be Stitch shape though~~
Micky Mouse tattoo which I got with my Mickey Mouse ice cream cake ^o^

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Michelle's Birthday Cake

Baked a cake for my prettyy cousin Michelle!!
It's actually her Birthday today. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Went to give her the cake yesterday and also view her uni halls, it's so nice for a uni hall it was ready furnished like Ikea-y. I didn't go to her party because had work to do...but as if I managed to do much work anyway. fail  -___-"

Well I baked this for her~ first time trying this multi layered cake.
strawberry mousse, with white chocolate and vanilla sponge, vanilla cream cheese frosting and strawberry jello!
I didn't have the deep baking tin, so I had to do each layer seperatly which made it a little more difficult >_<
Was a nightmare too because I had to make so many trips to Tesco because didn't have all or enough ingredients~my own fault! Thanks to lili who went out for me one time- saved me time hehee.

Michelle's amazing shoes!!! by BCBG Maz Azria
Cutest duck nail clipper ever! Quite sharp too~
Will upload a photo of the cake sliced, when mich sends me it :P

Friday, 25 March 2011

My 21st birthday - Surprise Meal & Presents :D

Surprise birthday meal [28.02.2011]
Hosted by my gorgeous housemate lilian
Despite telling her numerous times not to organise anything but she's so persistent and did so anyway!
  Every other year has been hectic (Hello kitty themed boat party with my twin yukimi for our 20th) and to be honest I thought it was quite stressful so I wanted to just spend time away with my bf.
Missed my train from London as baby had to head back night before when we got back to London from Paris to sort out his car.
Would have stayed another night in London if lil didn't send me a text saying make sure I'm back before 7:30 bless her :P

She arranged a meal at Bar Estilo, Mailbox, inviting friends from my hometown in Nottingham~ 3 of them study in Birmingham but the other 3 drove all the way - so sweet and it was actually a real surprise to me! (Also, considering she didn't know who to invite for multiple reason haha hehe) Thank you all
babyken, babylau, sausage, kinki, jess, viv, anneka, larry and mandy for the lovely meal, gifts and the cutest dango ever!!~

Ow, my Hello Kitty bed warmer twins which i mentioned in my valentine post
Left: from babylau, which she brought for my 20th last year
Right: from my dummy bf who didn't realise I already had one although she sits on my dressing table everyday!

Now~Prepare for the entire tapas menu 8-)~
There were 11 different tapas, just didn't take a photo of them all, didn't bring my camera and they were too far down the table :P
Bar Estilo bbq wings or mine? hehe
Mine! :D
Took the head home - happy the head wasn't ruined, phew n_n"
CUTIEPIE always giggling to herself.

I asked my friend Joanna (who is big6) for a lighter to light my candles and she got me this candle. lol. bless her.
Swarovski Teddy necklace from sausage & mandy.

周生生 X carat Gold Hello Kitty necklace from mammy

might upload a few more photos later...maybe.


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Pretty and pink

Arrived from Paris to London at 21:30 and went back to Chrizzie's and stayed for the night - again : P
LL made us a quick midnight snack - noodles with egg, frankfurt and brocolli, classy noodle haha!  
As I was in Paris during the day, I had missed Shirley's baby shower (congratulations ^o^) which Liz threw in her house~ Homemade pom pom décor and homemade cupcakes! So pretty~~~

Blueberry crumble!
They were so yummy there's only one left hehe.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

21st. Weekend in Paris: Day 3

Finally... had a few minutes spare to post about my final day in Paris~

Expected to buy a few souvenirs and some Ladurée macaroons for lala and fafa but the streets of Paris were empty;all shops are closed (of course cafes were still open ) on Sundays!  So me and ken headed back to the hotel where the lady suggested going to the North of Paris~ Lamarck Caulaincourt (Metro line 2) where we trekked uphill through a beautiful village towards the Saint Pierre de Montmartre church which stood at the top looking down at the city of romance, Paris 
Rows of people sat on the steps listening to live acoustic music and watching performers. One performer was doing keepy-uppys whilst taking of his shirt and climbing up a pole - amazing!
Also, went to the Salvador Dalí exhibition to see some of his original art work which I had studied when I was 15. Ended the afternoon by watching a mildly humorous b-boy group who were circled by hundreds of people (mainly tourists), doing their stuff outside the Montmartre church.

 Our only photo together in Paris..................
Bonjour Hello Kitty strawberry lip balm from babylau.
Sweet old man sitting in a wheelchair making animal keyrings from pipe cleaners! The one that's left out looks a little like my puppy Hachi : ) 

     Paris was just as I had imagined, but a lot more expensive haha.
Parisians are so relaxed, no rush hour after work but instead, you see them sitting in a cafe often by themselves, chilling/drinking/smoking watching other people and their dogs walk by...who are most likely going to another nearby cafe.
The village grocery stores only sold fruit, the croissants were so buttery, young and old carrying baguettes in brown paper bags and people riding retro bicycles. It seemed like such an idyllic place to live.
French people are so good looking too.