Wednesday, 9 March 2011

21st. Weekend in Paris: Day 2 [am]

Paris: Day 2, am. Eiffel Tower

En route to Eiffel Tower, I went past the French equivalent of Selfridges, Printemps.
It houses more prestigous designers and each 'campus' is seperated into Men's, Women's & Beauty.

Also, snapped a photo of a chinese guy and girl who looked like Printemps' regulars.
The girl was dressed in head to toe Chanel whereas the guy was wearing the Christian 'Louis' Loubitin leopard print studded sneakers!! ahhh I fell in love....

Attempted another styling shoot, but it was a wet, windy day in Paris.
My hat kept flying off and falling onto the floor - thankfully, Paris streets are jetwashed so it's fairly clean...
Tourists queueing up for the Eiffel Tower.
& little souvenirs available for sale from manipulative African/Asian salesmen.
I have the exact same orange doggy so it was like natsukashii ^o^ ! My grandma brought it me for my 6th Birthday in China.
Me on my 6th birthday with the orange doggy.

Went to the Troccadero, to meet with one of Ken's cwalk fans, who was 45mins late ¬_¬" (For those of you who do not know what cwalk is, 
click here for ken's London 5 Way video with an astoudingly huge achievement of 23million views since 2006, when he was a little boy of 16 years old) bless hehe.
Luckily me and Ken were still dawdling around, siteseeing otherwise they would have missed eachother as they hadn't exchanged phone numbers.

GoSu & Alexis made a 'Paris 2 way' - which will be uploaded to the GoSu Official facebook fan page soon. 

haha. a nice end to the morning in Paris......


  1. love ur photos from paris !!! ur camera might be expensive but i want the same because i could it put on my bag !

  2. OOpies sorry rosa, just saw this comment o_o not sure how I missed it since I have to approve comments before publishing.

    Yeh it's great for handbag :D It is really cheap now. You can get the lowest model for about £500 with 14mm lens.
    I got the body with a 20mm lens which i had to buy seperately, totally £800 and then £100 extra for flash and £45 for filter. I wouldn't mind getting the lowest model to be honest.


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