Wednesday, 2 March 2011 favourite month of the year!

Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day & My birthday.
Been busy celebrating so I haven't given myself any time to blog. I mean...CNY lasts for 15 whole days! horhor ^o^
I'll be off to London tomorrow, then Paris Friday morning for the weekend to come home to my birthday on Monday. I'm so excited, eep! (Ok. I started writing this post before Paris but actually, I've been & gone)!! Will blog about Paris & my birthday asap :P
Don't really want to blog about the events which took place a few weeks ago because no one would be interested anymore. So briefly squeezing a little bit of  

Part 1: CNY
Above: Me with the lion's. Spring Water Chinese Restaurant, Calverton, Nottingham
& All my 'lay sees' (red envelope containing monehhh) with fafa's year of the bunny slippers from mama.
So cute right?

The 15th and final night of CNY, you are supposed to eat 湯圓 (tong yuen) to celebrate 元宵節.
Me & lala did make some with (wu tao) but it was so yummy I ate it before taking a photo. haha next time :9
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 新新年年快快樂樂!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ :D


My 7th Valentine I have had with my bf Ken
I guess I have to confess my age now because you're going to think I'm really old. But in fact I'm going to be 21 on Monday!! Feel a little embarrased now...been with him since I was 14. hehe.
He got me a hello kitty bed warmer which I already had!!! The only difference was the colour and size of her hearts on the dress. She sits in my room with specs so I don't understand how he didn't realise I already had one. BUTTT i love hello kitty so I don't mind having a twin.
Feeling sorry for all our single friends, me & Ken went out to eat with them lol. We went to have Hotpot & Tenpanyaki @ Hans Dynasty, Nottingham. I love it there because everyone gets their own little pot (++Hygeinic)

Manchester ~ Sakura; Traffic Light Party
 DIY time: Wore a red maxi from Topshop which I customised with a mesh heart.
Lil's orange Motel dress already had mesh xP
Also did my own 3D nails for the first time. (Not gel or acrylic - just natural nails)
Was going to get a little chickadee called Mary Ta to do them because she is amazing...but I thought I could do them myself. so why not? Also I can buy all the gems/glue etc for the same price as she would charge me for one set :P I only do nails for myself not for business so don't ask haha.

If you'd like Mary to do your nails click here to contact her. She is based in Birmingham.

Here are some of my favourite nails by her:

 Soso pretty!


  1. lol. i looked at ur nails straight away n was like :O theyre good!! u do know i do nails too right lol.and i did marys first set of 3d =]

  2. hahha thank youu. yes i know :P but didn't know you did her first set... thats sweet : )!

  3. Cools! your nails are amazing!
    Nice blog!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  4. Woww..... I am loving your baking and your Nail decor!!!!! new follower :) x


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