Wednesday, 23 March 2011

21st. Weekend in Paris: Day 3

Finally... had a few minutes spare to post about my final day in Paris~

Expected to buy a few souvenirs and some Ladurée macaroons for lala and fafa but the streets of Paris were empty;all shops are closed (of course cafes were still open ) on Sundays!  So me and ken headed back to the hotel where the lady suggested going to the North of Paris~ Lamarck Caulaincourt (Metro line 2) where we trekked uphill through a beautiful village towards the Saint Pierre de Montmartre church which stood at the top looking down at the city of romance, Paris 
Rows of people sat on the steps listening to live acoustic music and watching performers. One performer was doing keepy-uppys whilst taking of his shirt and climbing up a pole - amazing!
Also, went to the Salvador Dalí exhibition to see some of his original art work which I had studied when I was 15. Ended the afternoon by watching a mildly humorous b-boy group who were circled by hundreds of people (mainly tourists), doing their stuff outside the Montmartre church.

 Our only photo together in Paris..................
Bonjour Hello Kitty strawberry lip balm from babylau.
Sweet old man sitting in a wheelchair making animal keyrings from pipe cleaners! The one that's left out looks a little like my puppy Hachi : ) 

     Paris was just as I had imagined, but a lot more expensive haha.
Parisians are so relaxed, no rush hour after work but instead, you see them sitting in a cafe often by themselves, chilling/drinking/smoking watching other people and their dogs walk by...who are most likely going to another nearby cafe.
The village grocery stores only sold fruit, the croissants were so buttery, young and old carrying baguettes in brown paper bags and people riding retro bicycles. It seemed like such an idyllic place to live.
French people are so good looking too.


  1. Your trip sounded amazin' -- photographs are amazin'

    I'm hopin' one weekend to just go to Paris with some friends -- your blog about your trip have made me want to go more =]

    && the noodles your friend made you looks so tasty

  2. aww thanks panda : )
    you should go!

    haha well she's my cousin, but yeh, was yummy. heh.


With love,