Monday, 26 December 2011

German Market in Nottingham



Hope everyone had a good Christmas :3

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Monday, 19 December 2011

German Market in Birmingham

The outdoor beer pub.
Toy soldiers. Nutcracker. Babushka.
I wanted one. But I promised myself I wouldn't buy pretty/cute junk until I have my house.
MMmmm, nothing like a fresh mint hot chocolate. Costa 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

London 2012 Olympic from the sky

Back in August, my cousin Louby told me to enter a photography competition "Create your take" hosted by London's new Westfield - Stratford City. There were eight categories; I entered two photos I had already in my archive from the past year. (Landmark and Lily the Pink)
Both my photos were picked by the judges but you can only win one prize.
I won the Helicopter ride sponsored by Lloyds TSB! yayyay.

Thank you very much to the blogger judge,  The Accidental Londoner
& Thank you to Lloyds!
& Thanks Lou :))

Saturday 26th November

Very sour orange juice and overly sweet Victoria sponge!
My baba, me, the two LLoyds TSB customer prize draw winners and bank manager Jeff.
My baba looks strangely cute haha.
London 2012 Olympic Stadium!
Millennium dome.
Hello London.

Just landed. Feeling queezy & the wind makes my eyes look so chinesey.

Almost wanted to vom during the flight back.
I'm pretty sure it was down to the super sour orange juice and overly sweet victoria sponge cake I had earlier that morning. My stomach is always sensitive to what I eat. I've never been travel sick before in my life, unlike my 2 sis, bless them. I kinda know how they feel now! 

Here is my winning entry for 'Landmark'
I doubt I would win with just 25 votes as most of my friends found the voting system complicated or they prob just cba!
Sometimes the less obvious is much more beautiful" 

Just strolling along Soho one evening last winter 2010 for my boyfriend's We are London Adidas shoot and took this photo.