Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Emerald gem nails

Haven't blogged in a while. Once again, uni!! However, I have this week to look forward to as I am attending my first hen do in London. The theme is Hollywood Glamour 1950s.

I'm not sure what dress I'll be wearing. I had a few choices before the theme was put into place; now I have to rethink it all over again! 
I had done these nails a week ago perfect for the Hollywood theme. They are still in place with the exception of the thumb nail which pinged off when I was unbuckling seatbelt buckle of the car and wedged inside for a little while...

I was eating strawbs at the time and thought my nails looked cute as the leafy part 8-)
Some people think it's just one ready made crystal emerald but the edges of the emerald are all individual gems, including the little gold balls which are a pain to apply because they're 1mm wide.
After doing my nails, I wanted to get some earrings to go with and came across Angelina Jolie with her oh so beautiful $2.5 million emerald earrings and ring by Lorraine Schwartz. 



  1. Love the 3D effect! How long did they last apart from the thumb?

  2. So pretty! Do you do this on acrylic or gel nails, or on your natural nail?

  3. thank you both ^^

    @ Perdita~Took me 30minutes each hand, a little longer on the right hand because i'm right handed~

    @Diana~ On my natural nails, I only tried gel nails once before and I didn't like them when they grew out and the damage it did to my nails~


With love,