Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Michelle's Birthday Cake

Baked a cake for my prettyy cousin Michelle!!
It's actually her Birthday today. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
Went to give her the cake yesterday and also view her uni halls, it's so nice for a uni hall it was ready furnished like Ikea-y. I didn't go to her party because had work to do...but as if I managed to do much work anyway. fail  -___-"

Well I baked this for her~ first time trying this multi layered cake.
strawberry mousse, with white chocolate and vanilla sponge, vanilla cream cheese frosting and strawberry jello!
I didn't have the deep baking tin, so I had to do each layer seperatly which made it a little more difficult >_<
Was a nightmare too because I had to make so many trips to Tesco because didn't have all or enough ingredients~my own fault! Thanks to lili who went out for me one time- saved me time hehee.

Michelle's amazing shoes!!! by BCBG Maz Azria
Cutest duck nail clipper ever! Quite sharp too~
Will upload a photo of the cake sliced, when mich sends me it :P


  1. you guys look a little alike! pretty pretty :) nice cake too! i wanna taste ur cakes sometime!!


With love,