Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Custom Studio. Pro

Wanted a normal couple photo with my bf.
But he never stops working. His new part time job whilst at uni is to be a DJ. He DJs 20hours a day (moving away from his c-walk hobby which you can view here)
Daily schedule in Vietnam- Training in the morning, another private tutor after Dj school, then out at night playing live in a club! Whilst I, Juju is either eating, sleeping or shopping, lulz.

So I thought I'd play around with his Beats by Dre
 and take photos of us with him totally ignoring me ha.

Custom beats were by ColorWare which he got 2 years ago, before the big hype so the few that new what they wore thought it was fake.  He paid double the price inc. import tax from the US, baka!
He never reads my blog posts so he won't see that comment, idiot : )
Then again he thinks the same about handbags. But not shoes; he loves his shoes too haha.

Made him let me take some photos. This is what he did instead. Looks funneh heh.

He is still in Vietnam now! Been there for 3 months. I don't miss you. poohead.

It's A New Dawn, It's A New Day

Haven't slept yet. Had an all nighter doing designs...Looked out the window to see this breathtaking view @ 05:44. Who knew this dull city could be so beautiful?

Monday, 29 August 2011

Juju loves japanese food ~U~

 Sorry, been very busy lately, got a new job but I will finish blogging about my trip to Vietnam and then start the serious blogging soon; I have a huge line up of outfits to blog about! Keep checking to see : )
JUJU waiting for the food. Really slow service and we are the only customers right now......................................
Ken's food - I love to eat raw fish but my tummy can't take it. I always throw it back up...
So I just have 1 or 2 pieces then get a rice dish after. 
Was worth the wait. Not as nice as The Sushi Bar but enough for me to get takeaway for later :9

Eating again at the hotel. Nom.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


07/08/2011 My cousins and sis all text/call me asking if I am safe. I'm just confused because I've just moved into my new place, no TV and no access to internet. They told me about everything going on in London and how it has spread to Birmingham and will spread to other cities! Here's me living in this bubble oblivious to all this chaos going on outside!

08/08/2011 Quickly made two trips to Tesco to stock up for hibernation! Couldn't carry all the heavy juice at once. (Buy2get2free) :D The sales associates rushed me to leave the store and said everyone had to leave town by 4pm because there was going to be another riot in the Jewellery Quarter!
Walked pass Louis Vuitton store; Empty!

My poor arm from carrying all those drinks. Even though Tesco is only 3mins walk away. 

09/08/2011 - Unreal view from my balcony, felt like I was in a movie!! Frightening. I was hoping someone dressed as Superman would come and save the day...
There were more youths running around at 2am but it was too dark to capture....
WHY? Stop destroying your city; our home.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

TOUS les JOURS :: Bakery

Lots of amazing cakes in this bakery. I want to bake like this ~~ but no time for anything right now!