Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Ready for summer ☼

Floppy hat & DIY skull pockets
A while ago, someone said they loved how I wore Primark but made it look expensive.
But I hadn't actually worn anything from Primark at all...I have some Primark pjama bottoms and some tights but that's about it. At the time I was quite offended, not by the person as they were simply being nice (bless ^o^)but the fact that Primark must have some decent clothes for them to look like mine which I pay 10 x more for? My sis went in and brought me a lovely dusty pink sheer blouse. lovee it! couldn't believe it was from Primark.
I have nothing agaisnt the store... Yes, quality might be poor but overall, it's the masses and masses in which they produce each item which uninterests me.
So I decided to customise it a little 8-)

Skull Cabochons Flatback _ can be brought from Crushcrush's eBay store


    i might give it a try one day too >..<"

    Purple in your hair looks cool too ;)

  2. sorry for replying so late ;O
    didn't even realise you commented on my post, haha.. I don't use clinique either, but was such a good opportunity to try some stuff out!

    L-O-V-E your DIY shirt here x

  3. waoh nice bloouse !!! you are so wonderful waohhhh like I say


With love,