Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Ready for summer ☼

Floppy hat & DIY skull pockets
A while ago, someone said they loved how I wore Primark but made it look expensive.
But I hadn't actually worn anything from Primark at all...I have some Primark pjama bottoms and some tights but that's about it. At the time I was quite offended, not by the person as they were simply being nice (bless ^o^)but the fact that Primark must have some decent clothes for them to look like mine which I pay 10 x more for? My sis went in and brought me a lovely dusty pink sheer blouse. lovee it! couldn't believe it was from Primark.
I have nothing agaisnt the store... Yes, quality might be poor but overall, it's the masses and masses in which they produce each item which uninterests me.
So I decided to customise it a little 8-)

Skull Cabochons Flatback _ can be brought from Crushcrush's eBay store

Monday, 25 April 2011

Japanese paper balloon animals

My little sister fafa got these from her friend Kitty for her birthday! Fafa has so many cute things that I told her to start a blog of her own~ I don't want my blog to be full of cuteness ~ my last 6 posts have all been about her belongings!  Her blog will be up soon.
I saw these hanging in the window of a japanese store in Paris which I posted before, see rest of this post here.
You can buy them here.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Happy Easter

1 week until Easter Sunday~ 24th April (also my mama's birthday)
Happy early birthday to my beautiful 媽咪 hehe ^o^

Look what my cousin lizzie brought for my little sisters fafa and lala~
if you are reading this: WHERES MINE?? favouritism!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

MISSFITSZ online boutique

My lovely friend just started this
Miss Fitsz online boutique not long ago. 
(She also helped me look after my dog Hachi for a few days too~Thank youu babee;
they had never met eachother before and Hachi was already fond of her after an hour,
playing and doing tricks hehe ^^.
Hachi gets so excited and playful around her! )

Miss Fitsz is a cute online boutique selling vintage inspired

If you are into the kawaii japanese gal look, you can find clothes from the Miss Fitsz boutique.

Here are a few of my favourite items.
All of which are limited to one of each design so buy now or regret tomorrow! haha 8-)

My fav item & only £15!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Itazura coin bank

Fafa wanted this neko stealing money box since she saw this video of it last year~
& Ken brought this for her 12th birthday~kawaii!
You place the coin on the fish bone plate and his sneaky paws take the moneh : )

Fafa, is not going to be very happy now, because Itazura have released a new coin bank & Pandas are her favourite animal. 

Totoro to-to-ro


Oh so cute! Totoro plushes and Totoro backpack 

Anna strawberries bought this for fafa from London, Chinatown.
I want to try baking this totoro custard bun~

Oh my, my blog has gone cute overload thanks to my little sisters and all their cuteness.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Such a sunny day but I'm stuck indoors finishing off this uni work, I've got lemons in the fridge and no Salmon to juice it with so I made a simple...Cloudy Lemonade 8-)

Juicy Bits.

 I know, Soulja Boy didn't make this line up but that's who I heard it from. Succesfull

Monday, 4 April 2011

My baby bear Hachi in Birmingham!

Bf's parents went to HK so me & Ken were left to look after Hachi. Kenchi looked after Hachi for a week in Nottingham but had to come back to Birmingham on the 1st for uni. So Hachi had to stay in our apartment! He was so scared of the lift, shaking~bless him. Being the protective bear, Hachi is, he growled at everyone who walked by in the hall way... he doesn't ever bark unnecessarily like other dogs~but of course people complained.  We are not allowed pets in the building. pooey. But got a call from my agent- he allowed me to have him for one day but not again.

SOo, Hachi is still in Birmingham right now but with Sookie & Sonny (Who btw is scared of dogs, it was Sookie who wanted to look after Hachi) hahaa. They're allowed pets in their apartments~ no fair :(
flash too bright~sorry baby~~~~
sek sek :3
1st time lili met Hachi - awwww : )
lili & hachi drinking lol - /\