Tuesday, 8 March 2011

21st. Weekend in Paris: Day 1

PARIS: Day 1
All the yummy & cute things.

Upon arrival, first thing Ken says is "Does tap water taste like Evian??"
Hahaha so cute. 

BB: outside Gare du Nord, Paris. 09:25am
Couldn't check into Hotel yet until noon so went to a nearby cafe for
Breakfast: OJ, hot chocolate, croissant with jam, sunny eggs & baguette.-
the yummiest croissant I've ever had. [doesn't look all that because it's a little burnt, but it was]

Cute Japanese gift shop where it sold the QP 'KEWPIE' doll which I had been looking for since forever! I only brought one doll....ken didn't want me to buy anymore but I regret it now!
baby QP was the only thing I brought home from Paris (seriously everything including LV/GUCCI/MiuMiu is overpriced in Paris, rather buy it in England!)
-following photos- cute floral/grassy moped, giant Babybel & macaroons. nom nom.

Cutest Crepe shop ever! Ken found it on the corner of an alley way~
Princess Crepe.
3, rue des Écouffes (4th)
Tél: 01 43 43 57 97
M: Saint-Paul or Hôtel de Ville

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