Friday, 4 March 2011

Home alone - Pamper sesh

Ken & Lil both went back home ealier this week so it was just me all alone.
I enjoyed the 1st and 2nd night alone, but the 3rd night felt too lonely so I thought I'd have some meee time and make some fatty chicken wings. nom nom, have a candle-lit bath, do my nails (2nd attempt, the last set lasted for 3 weeks!) and eat some Percy Pigs; original and phizzy tails! puhi puhi.


1. Nando's marinade - Sweet & Sticky chicken wings with courgettes.
2. Mmmmmmm heaven, my candle lit bath with pomnegranate and green tea essence.
3. Nails/iphone. Thought it would be good idea to show my other hand (because nobody at home to take photo for meh) but it didn't really work...... 
4. Nails - left hand.
5. Me wearing one of my fav hoodies from Sophie jerjer. It's limited edition Adidas velour from Hong Kong.
For the nail design on my thumb, I tried to make it look like a crown.....but instead, I unconciously turned it into the original....

6. Adidas logo (like the nail art on my two thumbs!)
7. Percy pig sweets in my piggy lunch box. Marks &Spencer - Percy pigs sweets! My fav after Haribo : )

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