Friday, 25 March 2011

My 21st birthday - Surprise Meal & Presents :D

Surprise birthday meal [28.02.2011]
Hosted by my gorgeous housemate lilian
Despite telling her numerous times not to organise anything but she's so persistent and did so anyway!
  Every other year has been hectic (Hello kitty themed boat party with my twin yukimi for our 20th) and to be honest I thought it was quite stressful so I wanted to just spend time away with my bf.
Missed my train from London as baby had to head back night before when we got back to London from Paris to sort out his car.
Would have stayed another night in London if lil didn't send me a text saying make sure I'm back before 7:30 bless her :P

She arranged a meal at Bar Estilo, Mailbox, inviting friends from my hometown in Nottingham~ 3 of them study in Birmingham but the other 3 drove all the way - so sweet and it was actually a real surprise to me! (Also, considering she didn't know who to invite for multiple reason haha hehe) Thank you all
babyken, babylau, sausage, kinki, jess, viv, anneka, larry and mandy for the lovely meal, gifts and the cutest dango ever!!~

Ow, my Hello Kitty bed warmer twins which i mentioned in my valentine post
Left: from babylau, which she brought for my 20th last year
Right: from my dummy bf who didn't realise I already had one although she sits on my dressing table everyday!

Now~Prepare for the entire tapas menu 8-)~
There were 11 different tapas, just didn't take a photo of them all, didn't bring my camera and they were too far down the table :P
Bar Estilo bbq wings or mine? hehe
Mine! :D
Took the head home - happy the head wasn't ruined, phew n_n"
CUTIEPIE always giggling to herself.

I asked my friend Joanna (who is big6) for a lighter to light my candles and she got me this candle. lol. bless her.
Swarovski Teddy necklace from sausage & mandy.

周生生 X carat Gold Hello Kitty necklace from mammy

might upload a few more photos later...maybe.


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