Saturday, 23 July 2011

Day in Vũng Tàu

Alibaba's Turkish home-made ice cream. Strawberry & Vanilla. nom
Fried chicken feet..

Doggy wants some too~
Dogs in Asia eat anything! If my Hachi had this, he would end up in then Emergency Pet hospital like the time he ate a spare rib!
Cycled for 5minutes and ate again!!! arghh too much food.
Fish ball, beef ball, prawn ball, spicy salad and cucumbers with chilli sauce.
Cycling along and saw a giant Jesus statue at the top of this mountain....quite freaky at night...
Vũng Tàu beach souvenir stall

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Blue sky, Blue sea & Orangey-er skin.

Besides Vinpearl island, we went to Hon Tam resort on another island in Nha Trang.
Only cost 500,000VND per person for the VIP package! Soso beautiful, didn't want to leave. I hadn't even tanned to a nice golden colour yet. 
Ewww my ugly pastey feet and legs
1st time parasailing!! So scared. Especially after seeing the 2 girls before us. They didn't do a run up, so when they got back on the land, she was picking out all her splinters on her scratched up legs.
I bashed ken's head twice in the air when the boat tugged harder. haha.
Plunged into the sea and swallowed a moutful of salty sea. nasty!
View was amazing and ken was cute "Now I know how Superman feels". lol dumbo.
Leaving the picture perfect island :(

Thursday, 14 July 2011

88 VN!! Trying to pack my suitcase...

Went in search for a a kawaii pig, cat or panda plush for fafa. She wanted one large one but then changed her mind to two small ones just so she could give one to her best friend. Bless her, she's always so generous and cute.

Couldn't decide which size! Didn't like the 2nd biggest one was the same price (320,000 VND £10) as the large one but the material of the large one is not as good quality. Cheapy material like those teddies you win at the fair. 
Dilemma. No space...Uh oh...xD
Have to squish one ju into the suitcase and carry one on the plane.

[Will continue posting when I get back to the UK. 
❤ Home sweet home ]

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Vinpearl Island.

Cat Shark embryo development. Tiny orange thing wiggling inside. Fascinating.
Huge Koi Fish!