Thursday, 14 July 2011

88 VN!! Trying to pack my suitcase...

Went in search for a a kawaii pig, cat or panda plush for fafa. She wanted one large one but then changed her mind to two small ones just so she could give one to her best friend. Bless her, she's always so generous and cute.

Couldn't decide which size! Didn't like the 2nd biggest one was the same price (320,000 VND £10) as the large one but the material of the large one is not as good quality. Cheapy material like those teddies you win at the fair. 
Dilemma. No space...Uh oh...xD
Have to squish one ju into the suitcase and carry one on the plane.

[Will continue posting when I get back to the UK. 
❤ Home sweet home ]

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  1. awww those piggies look so cute. i want one or 7 :P!

    PS: u r so pretty!!

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