Sunday, 17 July 2011

Blue sky, Blue sea & Orangey-er skin.

Besides Vinpearl island, we went to Hon Tam resort on another island in Nha Trang.
Only cost 500,000VND per person for the VIP package! Soso beautiful, didn't want to leave. I hadn't even tanned to a nice golden colour yet. 
Ewww my ugly pastey feet and legs
1st time parasailing!! So scared. Especially after seeing the 2 girls before us. They didn't do a run up, so when they got back on the land, she was picking out all her splinters on her scratched up legs.
I bashed ken's head twice in the air when the boat tugged harder. haha.
Plunged into the sea and swallowed a moutful of salty sea. nasty!
View was amazing and ken was cute "Now I know how Superman feels". lol dumbo.
Leaving the picture perfect island :(

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