Monday, 4 April 2011

My baby bear Hachi in Birmingham!

Bf's parents went to HK so me & Ken were left to look after Hachi. Kenchi looked after Hachi for a week in Nottingham but had to come back to Birmingham on the 1st for uni. So Hachi had to stay in our apartment! He was so scared of the lift, shaking~bless him. Being the protective bear, Hachi is, he growled at everyone who walked by in the hall way... he doesn't ever bark unnecessarily like other dogs~but of course people complained.  We are not allowed pets in the building. pooey. But got a call from my agent- he allowed me to have him for one day but not again.

SOo, Hachi is still in Birmingham right now but with Sookie & Sonny (Who btw is scared of dogs, it was Sookie who wanted to look after Hachi) hahaa. They're allowed pets in their apartments~ no fair :(
flash too bright~sorry baby~~~~
sek sek :3
1st time lili met Hachi - awwww : )
lili & hachi drinking lol - /\

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