Sunday, 29 May 2011

CAMDEN [part 1]

I've been almost every year since I was 8. My grandmother's sister lives 2 stops from Camden. I never get bored of this place, there's always something new to see... and buy. 
This time I went with my auntie Anna; she said she felt like a tourist being with me, although she was born in London, haha. The other time I went Camden was to see the giant billboard featuring my bf who was sponsored by Adidas for his c-walking. Watch the video here. Forgot to post about it before so I will add it to this extra long post. 

28th December 2010  

Mustard crochet poncho worn as a scarf - TOPSHOP
Bear bear and pom poms - bag and hat I brought from Camden : ) slippers from GAP, for liz
You may have noticed that I am wearing the same outfit -minus the pompom hat- in my old post here.
It was taken on the same day in advance for the New Year of the Rabbit 2011 post.
I always have so much content prepared for posts but as of recently, no time to post as much as I would like ! >__<

20th May 2010


NOTE: Sorry about the delayed blogging. My life is moving too fast. So much is going on right now but I want to blog before the posts I post are not 'real time'  anymore but always up to date. Part 2 and 3 still to come...

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