Saturday, 4 June 2011

CAMDEN [part 2] Culture - ornate things

20th May 2010

Love the ornate decor and cultural atmosphere.
Skull & Leopard Lil's fav!!

NOTE 1: Life is moving to fast, I can't keep up. I've been working  on this new monehhh making  project 8-) eating out for every meal and just enjoying life.All good things are happening all at once whereas before, there was a period of time where I felt as though everything was going downhill. I want to keep blogging for my friends and family who don't see me often because I have been busy trying to create a better me for you.
NOTE 2: I have stopped watermarking my images as I don't have the time. I know putting my signature on them makes the images look less professional but I can't have people posing as me or taking credit (which has happened on several occasions in the past). All photos are by me, unless stated otherwise.

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