Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Snotty druggy

4th Bag of snot in one day! 
I gots a bad cold. 2 days trapped in this hotel room and threw up in the middle of the night. Oh deary me~ The hot - cold - hot - cold - hot - cold weather here has taken its toll on my body. I can't keep up with the sudden changes of the hot, humid outdoors and super air conned indoors. Ughh....when my vacations are longer than a week long, I always get ill. Thankfully, this time is not serious so don't worry baba, mama :P I usually end up in hospital!! In HK I got bitten by them poisonous mozzies which you see on billboards to notify people of their pointless existence; my foot swolled up like a pig foot and I couldn't walk on it for 3 days. Then when I went to China to see my grandmama and grandbaba I was rushed to hospital on a motorbike and had a 2 drippers going in my arm for 6 hours and an injection on my bumbum, which the doctor just pulled my knicks down in front of the other patients. My goshhh... I am so lucky...
Loving vietnam's Tv channels though. Fashion TV. heaven 24/7!!!

Michel Adam Lisowski - Fashion's God!

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  1. Oh super babys no ? hahaha :) good photos
    I hope that you'r going have a good summer!
    New post, i wait you :D


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