Saturday, 25 June 2011

Gucci Sukey Boston bag - Lilac

Moving limbs bunneh necklace with a long chain which hangs to my belleh button (Miss Selfridge)
from my lil sis lala. love you :3 


  1. oh my days soo pretty^^ i love the iphone cases

  2. i know right? there's so many more inside the store!! luigi too~

  3. ahhhh i want luigi one! how much was it ... cos in UK its over £100 ><

  4. Not sure Xai~ The window display has changed so I'll go in again soony! I am sure it will be less than £100! There's a giant 'LV' bow, looks amazing but obv fake but still cute because it's so blingy with all the crystals .


With love,