Saturday, 25 June 2011

Pagoda & Saigon Square 2

Top Left: One of the many Pagodas in Ho Chi Minh City.
Bottom Left: Jehm Jehm fruit - a more sour version of Lychee.
Right: Pastey chubby girl. Desperately in need of a tan and some toning!!

ewwww no thanks. I'll just have the Bún riêu  and Vietnamese spring rolls.
minus the block of blood!


  1. Mmmmm I want some food.... and Jenny, your hair is NO WHERE near black!! LOL u over exaggerate woman!

  2. lol it really was black before i washed it again!! then it went dark brown. then brown on 3rd wash. phewww

  3. Aww hun... didn't know you and kenchi in Vietnam, having fun ay ? well babe to find the amazing Vietnamese authentic food is places like the market where they do yumyum pho and bun bo Hue .. their food is super duper excellent, hope you and ken having a good time x take care my love .

  4. aww thank youu bb. yehh fun!!! i need a tan and to go gym. getting fat from all this eating out food. although i only have a mini breakfast and 1 evening meal. still getting fat. boohoo.
    oki thanks. we'll check it out ^^ xx


With love,