Friday, 24 June 2011

Juju is too hot in HCMC

Cute table! Like something my dad and his uncles would make.
Bánh xèo Restaurant.

Blue team
....Red team? heh
Healthy diets and tiny portions! No wonder Vietnamese people are super skinny and petite. LOL at the 1 garlic chicken wing with steamed rice & 2 prawns in batter.
During my month here in Vietnam, I'm hoping to lose those 10lbs I put on in Hong Kong! haha 
88 Ken on the motorcycle to DJ school whilst I go in the taxi to shop at Diamond Plaza &  Saigon Square.


  1. hey jennny how u finding vietnam? my cousin in saigon cindy not sure if u know hr u should meet her up she take you to all the cool places n vn =)

  2. hey amy~
    yeh its good : )
    it's a bit like some parts of China.
    are you not going this year?
    nope don't know her~~ tell her to msg me on fb ^^

  3. hee i never been before so i dont know =( but no im not going this year was meant to but im too busy!!!=( how long are you staying for? you liking the food?

  4. oopies i just read this after your fb msg :P
    staying here for 4 weeks, almost at the end of the 1st week already. time is going too fast!
    2nd day me and ken got diarrhoea from that ngon restaurant! we ate at a cafe the night we landed and was fine! think it was the because i took a bite of the block of blood!! ewwww >_>
    apart from that i love the banh xeo restaurant hehe.


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