Saturday, 25 February 2012

French cuisine

From top to bottom;
❤ Steak and chips, fine dining style.
❤ Lamb shank; falls straight off the bone!
❤ Tiger prawn risotto. One single super large prawn sitting on a bed of fluffy rice.
Not usually a fan of risotto but this one was delish.
❤ Lobster with mash. Best lobster I've had to date.
❤ Rich chocolate and cream.

All this for just €379 and I didn't even get the name of what we thought was a little bistro.

Our faces when we got the bill. Quite similar to my reaction from seeing these Monster Munch haha.


  1. these look so good and you are so cute :) i rarely follow someone, but you :* keep on going :)

    1. aww thank youu. that means a lot, it's a privilege haha :))
      i followed back! ❤

  2. your blog is so cute, of course, I had to follow! :D

    aww the food looks so delicious, makes me hungry!

    1. well thank youu :P
      it was! best lobster I've had and I have tried many a lobster haha.


With love,