Monday, 13 February 2012

Eiffel Tower

Sorjai I & Sorjai II - hahaha bless Sorjai II, so sor and so cute.
I love him. always.
Paris, evening traffic. I don't mind being stuck here. It's so beautiful :)
Vietnamese soup noodle! In District 13, Paris
Raw pork salad! scary! I didn't dare try this otherwise my stomach would be crying.
Pork leg soup noodle.
Ken and Sandra.
Love the street art on the wall.
Chinese McDonald's sign. I'm sure there isn't even a Chinese McDonald's sign in Hong Kong??
Triple yellow lines..........o_O
Saw my tan buffalo leather ZARA bag, in the shop window in a lighter nudey shade. (Lighting is not great, it's actually a very peachy nude colour)
It cost 125 euros, at which the exchange rate was almost 1 to 1. I brought mine in the UK for £79.99. The only justification is the fact that it's a lovely colour, only available in Europe?

Anyhow, 125 euros is still an amazing price to pay for this!
Apple Cider. 
Savoury egg and ham crêpe. Didn't enjoy this combo.
My Pear sorbet with bits. refreshing. 
Sandra's ream and caramel crêpe - mmmmmmmmmmmm.
Ling's vanilla ice cream and Nutella crêpe. Also mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


  1. I love the pictures of the Eiffel tower :)

  2. such a nice trip :) seems like you had a lot of fun there! and you both are too cute :)
    you have a really nice blog, i followed you! maybe you have also a look on mine :))


  3. reply: You're welcome :)

    Thank you so much x

  4. your so beautiful :)

    very nice Trip and photos also :D



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