Tuesday, 29 November 2011

HANA sushi restaurant.

Cute traditional Japanese style décor.
Tea for three; Me and cousins Mich and Lou.

Squid tempura rings.
squid strings >___<
Salmon sashimi

Sushi rolls. Tuna avo, Californian and something else....
Bibimbap - Korean dish.

Thank you for the treat Louise, made me much happier :)) 


  1. Amazing pictures! I love Bibimbap. It's one of my all time favourite korean dishes :)


  2. I love sushi ! :)
    Nice blog ;)
    Follow !

  3. Gosh...all this food is making me hungry! Bibimbap is one of my favorites (besides kimchi fried rice that is.) The spicier the better, I say. I swear I save extra pennies from my pay check just so I can go out to a sushi restaurant every week. I love it so much...Spicy tuna and vegas rolls are my fav.


With love,