Saturday, 18 December 2010

Bye bye leopard. See you next year.

Me and lil are mad about leopard print.
Just look at our wardrobe; we didn't realise how much we had until I put it all on display...

Me and little sis fafa want to adopt animals this christmas. I want to adopt an Amur Leopard
It's shockingly hard to believe there are fewer than 35 remaning in the wild. nuu!
& fafa would love to adopt a Giant Panda. Bless!

Time for some camera trickery. horhor.
Depending on the angle of the photo, you can look short and thin or tall and fat.

Taken by babylau.

Taken by my kenchi.

 I WISH these were part of my wardobe :( Alexander Wang's S/S10 leopard wedges. 
 View from my window. Hope it snows like this when I'm indoors, spending Christmas Day with my family.

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  1. OMG, that dress looks stunning. No, forget that. What I mean is you make that dress look stunning. :-)


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